What brand of essential oil is in Earthpaste?

By May 29, 2013 September 17th, 2015 Learning

Essential oilsWhen we started experimenting with Earthpaste, we knew we’d rely on quality essential oils for natural flavoring and benefits they can bring. It didn’t take long for us to see  that people who love essential oils really love essential oils, and that, for many of you, brand matters.

For a while, we considered including essential oils by brand — just like we use Real Salt instead of “sea salt” and Redmond Clay instead of “bentonite clay,” we thought we might pick the best oils nature has to offer and put their logo on the tube with the others.

But the research was tricky. We had a hard time telling the difference between really great marketing and really great oils, so we did a hard thing and took the easy way out: we stripped away the brand names, took the oils into the lab, and paid attention to the oils themselves. No labels, no marketing, just essential oils.

In the end, we picked the source that worked best in Earthpaste, and, importantly, aligned most closely with Redmond’s guiding principles: 100% pure, wild-crafted essential oils. We believe nature has it right, and we’re happy we didn’t have to compromise with our essential oils.

I know, you’re still waiting for a brand name, but we’re not going to tell you. We’ll keep this one to ourselves because of the passion people have for their particular brand of oils–the marketing messages are so intense, so divisive, and we don’t want to fuel sales for one brand (“Earthpaste chose our brand! Hooray!”) or upset sales representatives from brands we don’t use.

Basically, in the battle over essential oil brands, we’re determined to stay neutral. We tried them all and picked the one that best matches our values and quality standards, and wound up with amazingly natural toothpaste that you can trust to be as natural as possible.

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  • T Skinner says:

    Impressive essential oil article and…I might add…very wise 🙂 As I brushed my teeth tonight and read the label for the 100th time (kind of like reading the box of cereal while you eat…something to do) I realized I was curious on the brand of oils you used. I do agree, the oil marketing system and testing of quality is quite strong and divided…that being said…I still enjoy the toothpaste and trust the e.o. is as great a quality as the rest of the ingredients in the tube! Thank you for such simple, safe toothepaste!

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