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“It is ever increasingly difficult to find products that are not only safe and effective, but are actually awesome and superior to use. Too many products, recipes, diets, etc sound great and may be healthy for you, but are not fun to use and or are definitely not tolerated by the average person.

That is what I love most about the Earthpaste toothpaste line by the Redmond Trading Company. Their products are superior in the terms of quality of ingredients, simplicity of ingredients and guaranteed non-toxicity of ingredients, while still having a great product that is exceptional for cleaning the teeth and gums, freshening ones breath, all while tasting great and simply being what it is meant to be – an awesome toothpaste.

And it has the added bonus of Redmond Clay for helping remove toxins from the oral cavity. As to the disclaimer that their toothpastes may contain trace amounts of lead in them, that is the whole point of the Earthpaste line. These clays help purify, detoxify and alkalize the mouth and if there is any lead in the product, it would only be there as a result of the positive healing and binding properties of the clay. If there is any lead, it’s there because the clay has done its job and has bound it up tightly¬†– it’s not coming out. This clay is a great positive and is included in the product because it binds toxins. I want that, and love that about this product.”

Nestor Shapka, DDS