Isn’t lemon bad for my teeth?

By May 15, 2013 September 17th, 2015 Learning

When we introduced Earthpaste Lemon Twist earlier this year, we knew we had a winning flavor. We were looking for a kid-friendly version of our amazingly natural toothpaste, and we stumbled upon a flavor combination that’s bringing rave reviews from every age group, from toddlers to retirees.

Along with all reviews from happy Earthpaste fans, though, we sometimes have people asking about lemon. Isn’t lemon acidic? Is it really a good idea to scrub natural lemon directly on my teeth?

Lemons (and lemon juice) are acidic

You probably don’t need to visit a dentist to assume that the enamel on your teeth will be with you longer if you aren’t sucking on a lemon. In fact, we know of lemon-obsessed youngsters who develop a mouthful of cavities even though they never eat sugar!

Lemon essential oils are pH neutral

Fortunately, essential oils are not acidic at all, even when they come from citrus. We use four essential oils to put the twist in Lemon Twist Earthpaste: lemon, lemon verbana, tangerine, and lime. (No wonder the flavor makes you want to leave so many five-star reviews!) Each of these essential oils is pH neutral, which makes them perfectly suited for a product you’re trusting with your dental health.

Redmond Clay is quite alkaline

Our essential oils are great, but the real magic in Earthpaste comes from Redmond Clay. Redmond Clay has a pH in the neighborhood of 9.0, which boosts the alkalinity in Earthpaste–and your mouth–and makes even Lemon Twist Earthpaste an amazing, alkaline, experience for your teeth. (Even better, Redmond Clay is rich in more than 60 trace minerals that some dentists feel help remineralize your teeth! But that’s another subject for another day.)

Brush with confidence

We understand why Lemon Twist Earthpaste makes some people wonder about acidity and tooth health, but we’ve got it covered! We’re after the most natural, effective toothpaste we can create, and you can be sure Lemon Twist is every bit as good for your teeth as our mint flavors. Go ahead — enjoy that amazing citrus flavor!


  • Lori Langone says:

    My 2-year old son loves this lemon twist toothpaste. I’ve found a winner after searching for one with ingredients that I can finally feel great about. Thank you!

  • T Skinner says:

    I stumbled upon your wonderful toothpaste while looking for homeade recipes. I decided after looking at the ingredients that I’d give it a try…and cave on making my own since majority of what is out there has a list of ick ingredients. I ordered an assortment of 4 Earthpastes. Let me just say…my children…10 and 4 years…looooove Lemon! So much as I think my husband and I are stuck 😉 with the other 3 flavors…which is just fine…since they don’t want to share. Ha! We will be ordering more! Thank you for caring about what not only goes into your customers mouth…but their bodies!!!

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