Is the menthol in Earthpaste natural?

By April 11, 2013 September 17th, 2015 Learning

We created Earthpaste because we were frustrated trying to find toothpaste pure enough for our kids to use. Some brands skipped sodium lauryl sulphate, but not titanium dioxide. Others were fluoride-free but still had glycerin. We wanted toothpaste so pure each ingredient would help support good health, and after a lot of careful research, we made Earthpaste.

Since each Earthpaste ingredient is so important to us, we’re creating a series of posts discussing each one. This post is about the menthol found in Wintergreen and Peppermint Earthpaste.

Is menthol natural?

MentholMenthol is a derivative of oils found in mint plants–typically, peppermint. For companies who don’t care too much about natural products, there are plenty of synthetic processes available to produce cheap menthol. But natural products matter a lot here at Redmond, so the menthol we use is naturally derived.

Nature has it right

A phrase like “naturally derived” sounds a bit like marketing trickery, so let’s lay it out: Redmond uses menthol produced without chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides. The menthol we use is planted, harvested, and distilled using traditional, natural methods. No chemicals, nothing artificial. Nature has it right!

Why is it in there?

Wintergreen and Peppermint Earthpaste each have small amount of menthol — about one third of one percent of the recipe. It’s not much, but it goes a long ways to prevent bacteria, and it leaves you with that fresh, clean sensation after brushing.

Looking for menthol-free toothpaste?

Some people have sensitivities to menthol, no matter how naturally sourced. If you’re in that camp, we have two flavors available without menthol or any mint derivatives: Cinnamon and Lemon Twist. People love them both!


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