Amazingly Natural Toothpaste

5 simple ingredients that inspire a whole lot of 5-star customer reviews.

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Simple, natural ingredients

Have you ever tried to find a toothpaste without glycerin, fluoride, foaming agents, or coloring? We couldn’t find one, so we made Earthpaste — only five ingredients, and they all come from the earth! Water, Redmond Clay, Real Salt, essential oils, and xylitol. (Unsweetened Spearmint Earthpaste doesn’t have xylitol — now we’re down to four ingredients!)

And Earthpaste really works! No foaming agents, no coloring, no glycerin, and no fluoride. Everything your mouth needs to feel clean, and nothing extra. 

Earthpaste ingredients

5-star Customer Reviews

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We looked for a simple, healthy toothpaste for us and our kids, but we never found it – so we made our own. We hope you enjoy Earthpaste as much as we do!